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Free Camping Byron – Yelgun Rest Area [MAP]

We share all our tips for free camping spots around the Byron Bay area. Perfect for travelers and backpackers.

The Yelgun Rest Area is about 25km North of Byron Bay. It is quite a luxurious camping area, where you can stay in your van at no cost. Be aware that there are signs, saying that it is prohibited to camp. Anyways, it is a rest area, so you can always nap for a few hours, before driving on or driving back and forth to Byron Bay. Therefore it is “ranger save” as long as you are not permanently camping on this rest area.

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The camp spot offers nice toilets and BBQs, hell there is even a playground for kids (and young adults 🙂 ). You can easily sleep here without having to worry about the ranger. You are also close to the town of “South Golden Beach”.

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Find the exact location, directions and a street view photo below.

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