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We Collect your Favorite Travel Tips around the World in One App

What are you favorite travel tips? Please share and access them in one app

Bright days for travellers: Travel tips from around the world in one place
Bright days for travellers: Travel tips from around the world in one place

We unite travel bloggers around the world to contribute to a worldwide “Lonely Planet” created by bloggers. Now we want to know from travellers, backpackers and nomads: What are your best travel tips and advices?

If you have travel tips about literally any destination in the world, we want to hear it: Sydney, Bangkok, Lisbon, Miami, Rio, Cuzco… or anywhere else in the world – please share it with fellow travellers!

We collect everyone’s favorite travel tips in a really awesome app for travellers. The information is not going to disappear with time (and algorithm) on social networks, but you can access the tips via an app anywhere in the world – no need to search for them anymore. We publish the best tips in our local guides here as well.

Tips are published on a “local Facebook” for travellers

To access the tips easily we teamed up with Gloqon – the Travellers Network. On Gloqon you can connect with other travellers, digital nomads and even with your friends in the same place.

Just update your location with one click and you will see all our travel tips and those of fellow backpackers about that place (or any other location you choose).

For example: If you input Sydney, you can connect with other people in Sydney (just like a local Facebook or Twitter) and you will find useful tips which bloggers, travellers and our Travelgötter share.

Check out some great features of Gloqon:

  • Posts are only visible by people in the same area.
  • You can create and manage your own “Hotspots”. Hotspots work like groups for people in the same hostel, co-working space or community (e.g. digital nomads).
  • You can follow other users. You get notified when they post something, if you are within the reach of the post. Perfect to meet people again in a different place.
  • You can choose to either post to everyone in that area or just to your Gloqon friends (even just to your non-friends).
  • Gloqon works all around the world. If tomorrow you are somewhere else, you can already check out that place today.

Check it out on gloqon.com (it takes 2 minutes – no download required).

Sharing your Tips is Easy

To share a travel tip you have several options – it’s easy as cake. We share them on Gloqon for you with a very special and personal thank you note – be surprised! 🙂

1. Leave a comment below

Just comment on this article, while you are here.

2. Join our Facebook group

Join our Facebook group “Backpacker Insider Tips Around the World“, where we collect tips from all around the world.

3. Write to us

Write to us on our Facebook page or on [email protected]

4. Share on Gloqon

You can of course publish travel tips yourself on gloqon.com and become a #Travelgott. If you do so, make sure to tag your post with #Travelgott, so we can find your posts in the backend and share them on our site as well.

…and win great prizes

Among all posts which are tagged with #Travelgott we regularily draw a prize. And your posts don’t expire for that! If you share a tip today, you are also in for a prize which is drawn in one year from now. And the more tips you share, the higher your chances to win. Our terms apply.

And we start the raffle with a Ryanair voucher worth of €200 (we are not affiliated with Ryanair). The prize will be drawn when 500 posts are tagged with #Travelgott, but not before May 30th.

If you want to sponsor one of our next raffles please get in touch with us on [email protected]

Now join our Facebook group “Backpacker Insider Tips Around the World” and don’t forget to follow us on Gloqon to receive our updates in your area.


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