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#Travelgott Award – Recommended Hostels by Travel Bloggers [REWARD]

Bloggers are rewarding the best hostels around the world

#Travelgott Hostel Award
#Travelgott Hostel Award

Hi bloggers (and hostel owners)!

We are looking for your favorite hostels all around the world. Our focus is currently in Australia and New Zealand, but you are more than welcome to let us know about awesome hostels anywhere in the world now already – as long as you genuinely enjoyed them. Your efforts for the community shall be of course rewarded.

#Travelgott Award – Recommended Hostel by Bloggers

Qualified hostels are awarded the “#Travelgott Award – Recommended Hostel by Bloggers“. They are listed in our destination guides created by travel bloggers and get an all-in-one solution for on-site guests to use free of charge.

Global Travel Guide with Trusted Hostels

With the help of fellow travel bloggers, we are creating a global travel guide. We also feature hostels at which our bloggers have stayed and can recommend to their readers. The guide is going to be integrated in the Gloqon Travel App as well.

Just tell us which hostels you like the most and why and if qualified, we are going to list in the destination guides here on #Travelgott and on Gloqon.

I would like to Recommend a Hostel – How Can I Do That?

Before recommending a hostel, be aware of a couple of things.

Which Hostels can be Considered?

We have no rules whether a hostel can be considered or not, such as certain types. It can be for great value for money, special design, super easy going atmosphere or just awesome in a certain niche. All we want to hear is why you think your recommendations should be in our hostel guide.

We only have one condition for a hostel to be submitted: You need to have stayed there yourself and genuinely enjoyed it!

When evaluating a hostel, keep in mind of the following points:

  • Atmosphere
  • Cleanliness
  • Location
  • Staff
  • Security
  • Price/Value
  • Equipment
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary services (e.g. breakfast)

As a travel blogger we expect you to also talk to other guests and take their experiences into account. We are looking forward to reading about your experiences!

Reward – what’s in for you?

Your efforts and activity in the community are highly appreciated and shall be rewarded. Among all participants, we give away free stays at hostels. So, what are you waiting for? Send us your favorite hostels with a short description!

How can I Submit a Recommendation?

Nothing easier than that! You can just get in touch with us via e-mail or send us a message on our Facebook page. You can also post your recommendation on Gloqon – The Travellers Network with the Hashtag #travelgott.

If you have written already a blog post about the hostel, you would like to recommend, please send us the link to it.

I am a Hostel – What Do I Need to Know?

If you are a hostel owner or manager and we contacted you for the #Travelgott Award, you might have a question or two.

I am a Nominated Hostel

If you are a hostel and we contacted you for the #Travelgott Award – congratulations! You have been selected to be featured as a recommended hostel in our travel guides.

That means that a travel blogger (or more than one) stayed at your hostel and had an awesome time with you – so awesome that he or she thought you’d deserve this award. If you have been selected, there is nothing else you have to do. You might want to share the news on your social media channels, on your website and in your hostel though.

Get a Logo of the Award

You get the official award logo and display it online and in your property. We have created a different logos with different colors. You can see and download the different versions of the #Travelgott Award logos here. Get in touch with us if you would like to have a specific color.

#Travelgott Award - Recommended Hostel by Travel Bloggers - ©Travelgott
#Travelgott Award – Recommended Hostel by Travel Bloggers – ©Travelgott

Optional: Discounts/free perks for guests

If you would like to provide a discount code to our readers, in order for them to book at your preferable platform such as your website, we are more than happy to pass it along.

Alternatively, we could also let them know about free perks, for example, free towels or a free welcome drink if they book via your own website.

Again, this is optional, but our readers would be of course happy to know about it. It’s a win situation for everyone, so why don’t try? Let us know and we will publish that information in our guides.

Free All-in-One Solution for Guests

If you have been awarded the #Travelgott Award, you are as well entitled to get the all-in-one-solution for on-site guests by Gloqon – The Travellers Network at no cost.

Gloqon can be perfectly used as an in-house social network, feedback channel, marketing tool and digital concierge. You can find more information on the official site on Gloqon.

Awarded hostels are already listed on Gloqon. If you choose to use the service actively, you can do so absolutely free of charge. Just get in touch with Gloqon directly and they will set you up in no time.

In exchange for the free service, Gloqon asks for 2 beds (2 nights/1 person or 2 person/1 night) for each 6 months, which they would like to provide to its partners, such as travel bloggers.

You can also nominate up to 3 partner hostels of yours, which can use the service of Gloqon for the same conditions.

If that sounds like a great opportunity for you, please get in touch with Gloqon directly.

Protected by Copyright

Please note that graphics, logos and texts of the #Travelgott Award are protected by copyright law. Only awarded hostels are granted the permission to use them, which can be revoked at any time. We reserve the right to legal actions in case of any misuse.

If you are a selected hostel, you can see and download the logos of the award here.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates.


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