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Travel Bloggers Create a Travel Guide much better than any Lonely Planet

The totality of travel bloggers can create the world's best travel guide

Every blogger and traveller has a story to share!
Every blogger and traveller has a story to share!

It’s time for travel bloggers to create their very own “Lonely Planet”. Travellers shouldn’t need to look for their desired information through all the web, but our highly valuable content shall come right into the travellers hand. After all we are doing a much better, more accurate and up-to-date job than any other guide book will ever be able to do.

With #Travelgott we provide a platform where independent bloggers and travellers share their local travel tips and experiences. Our posts can be easily accessed via an innovative app.

The travel guides are published on a “local Facebook”

#Travelgott is much more than a website. To provide travellers the best experiences we teamed up with Gloqon – the Travellers Network. On Gloqon you can connect with other travellers, digital nomads and even with your friends in the same location.

Our articles and tips exclusively serve as a local travel guide. Once you input a location, you will see articles of #Travelgott, only relevant to this place.

For example: If you input Sydney, you can post to people who are also in Sydney (just like a local Facebook or Twitter) and you will also find useful tips, which bloggers and travellers share on #Travelgott.

Here are some neat features of Gloqon:

  • Posts are only visible by people in the same area.
  • You can create and manage your own “Hotspots”. Hotspots work like groups for people in the same hostel, co-working space or community (e.g. digital nomads).
  • You can follow other users. You get notified when they post something, if you are within the reach of the post. Perfect to meet people again in a different place.
  • You can choose to either post to everyone in that area or just to your Gloqon friends (even just to your non-friends).
  • Gloqon works all around the world. You are free to choose a different location than your actual one. If tomorrow you are somewhere else, you can already check out that place today.

The team of Gloqon is working on more great functionalities, for example an interactive travel guide with information exclusively provided by #Travelgott. You can check it out on gloqon.com (no download required).

Sharing your posts brings added value to your blog

We truly aim to provide our contributors with the maximum possible benefits. If you can think of something else than the following points, please let us know.

1. Link and name to your travel blog

You can “sign” with your name or the name of your blog and of course link to it. You are more than welcome to invite the reader to check out your blog for more information.

If you are not running your own blog and would publish on #Travelgott, you can still do so and link for example to your Instagram profile.

2. Earn money

We want you to earn money from this project. You can provide your Google Publisher-ID and you will earn 100% of the revenue generated from ads within your article. All you need to do is to sign up and provide your Publisher-ID under “Users > Your Profile”. If you don’t want to have ads in your posts, you can of course disable them.

And yes, you may also use your own affiliate links (we make sure they are all nofollows for SEO purposes) or charge businesses to be featured in your blog posts, as long as the content is valuable to the readers.

4. We optimize your articles and make them multilingual

Before an article goes online, we have a look at the layout, proof read it and we make sure that it’s SEO optimized.

We are multilingual and we translate your articles on #Travelgott (we currently support English and German). Gloqon is as well available in 5 languages, so that every users get the information in their own language.

5. Additional Exposure

Your blog posts gets featured in a global travel guide. Your articles on #Travelgott are made multilingual by us and are automatically published on Gloqon as well.

Gloqon users can also recommend your travel tips to other users, share it with their friends and leave a comment within the platform. It will increase your reach.

Gloqon and #Travelgott are promoted directly to travellers, by providing “hotspots” within the platform to hostels, campsites etc. which they can use for their on-site guests.

Users don’t have to find your information online, but your information will come to them!

6. Get the quality of your content certified

Bloggers who are accepted to publish on Travelgott get their content certified as a quality assurance for their own readers. Once you become a selected “Travelgott” (Travelgod), you can publish your guides.

The certificate states, that the content of your blog has been selected to be featured in this project. Travelgötter can invite and nominate other bloggers to join the project.

7. Newby travel bloggers welcome

If you are new to blogging or are interested in learning about it, you are more than welcome to join us. We believe that every traveller has tips to share.

You can use a professional blogging platform and we are happy to help establishing your own site as well.

How can I participate?

Everyone who has valuable information to share can participate. Becoming part of #Travelgott is absolutely free.

In order to assure quality content you have to be accepted to the project. If you want to become part, please post the link to your blog (or single blog posts) in the appropriate location on Gloqon with the hashtag #travelgott (we need this to find your post in the backend). For example: If you write about Sydney, select Sydney as your location and post it there.

Alternatively you can post your blog or blogposts which you would like to feature also in the comments below, on our Facebook page or write to us on amen@travelgott.com.

This is all you need to do! If we find your content to be valuable (it most likely is), we will let you know in the comments of your Gloqon post or in a private message.

Please note: Please add a line to your posts which appear in the guide, such as: This article has been selected to be featured by #Travelgott on Gloqon – the Travellers Network.

We also kindly ask you to blog about this project and share it with your friends – highly appreciated!

How can I publish articles?

We want to make it as easy as possible to share your travel tips. You can publish articles yourself or we can do it for you.

1. Publish articles yourself

You have the option to publish a post from the frontend.

You can also publish something from the backend by signing up in the top menu (you are automatically listed as a contributor). If you are unfamiliar with the WordPress editor, just click on “Post > New Post”. Under “Users > Your Profile” you can provide your Google Adsense Publisher ID, in order to earn revenue from your posts.

You can look at it as a guest post, however, we see much more behind it than “just” an ordinary guest post.

2. Let us publish articles for you

We can also take care of publishing articles on your behalf. If you want us to do so, the best way is to post the link to your article on gloqon.com in the relevant location (for example in Sydney if you write about Sydney). Make sure to tag the post with #travelgott so we can find it.

You are of course more than welcome to share any travel tip this way, also without any link. We are going to collect them on #Travelgott.

Alternatively you can post your article also in the comments below, on our Facebook page or send us an e-mail to amen@travelgott.com.

What should the content look like?

Posts can be about pretty much anything related to travelling or “being new to a city”. It doesn’t matter if it’s targeting a niche or the standard traveller. As a rule of thumb: If you truly think your post is helpful with genuine content, we are sure there is someone else out there who is interested in your article.

It will be easy to filter through posts on Gloqon, so that the user finds the information he is looking for with one click. Gloqon users will also be able to recommend your posts and leave a comment.

Can I use articles I already published?

Yes. However, we aim to create original content. If we are publishing articles on your behalf, we usually don’t just copy & paste it. We adapt the article accordingly. For example we publish a summary on #Travelgott and if someone wants to learn more about your blog, we link to your appropriate page.

If you want to copy & paste one of your articles, make sure to use “canonical URLs”. Which brings us to the SEO topic…

Let’s talk about SEO

We have a SEO expert of OnPage in our team and we realize there is a lot of rumors about the issue, so let’s clear some things up.

Despite being integrated in the Gloqon app, we don’t want to be blacklisted by search engines as a content farm. To increase the benefits of all participants, we still want to be indexed by search engines. However, we do not fear about the issue of duplicate content – and neither should you, as Kissmetrics explains in a blog post.

Therefore whenever we publish one of your articles on #Travelgott by ourselves, we follow an “original content policy”. This means we try to avoid publishing the exact same content we have on another blog already. However, if you really want, you can copy & paste your articles. In that case, please note the following:

To avoid negative SEO impacts for duplicate content, you can add a “canonical URL tag” in such cases (we can do that for you as well). A canonical URL tells search engines where the original content can be found. That URL will get all the SEO benefits (listed in search results, increased link ranking, link authority etc.). It’s like a redirect without loading a new page. To learn more about canonical URLs, please read on the Yoast blog.

Get started now

We hope you are also as excited about the project as we are. Take the first steps to become part of it, it takes only a couple of minutes:

  • Check out Gloqon and share your blogposts there (tag it with #Travelgott) and we will get back there. Or get in touch with us on Facebook or on amen@travelgott.com.
  • To publish articles, just sign up here (you are automatically set as a contributor).

We are currently covering Australia (you will notice on our website), but we are looking for content from around the world.

Please note: Only valuable information is considered. We reserve the right not to publish articles. Our terms apply.

If you have any questions, just comment here or write to us on Facebook (we are grateful for your like).


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