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Tips for Roadtrip from Darwin to Alice Springs

There are quite a few spots between Darwin and Alice Springs which you should make sure to stop by. It is a long trip - you have plenty of time.

I would like to share some tips for a roadtrip from Darwin to Alice Springs/Uluru, or the other way round. There are some really cool spots, so check them out.

Edith Falls

The Edith Falls are waterfalls located north of Katherine. They are recommended as a stopover from or to Darwin. Here you will find the right cool refreshment, which you usually need in this part of the world.

The waterfalls are not very impressive. A trip specifically from Darwin to the Edith Falls is not very recommendable, as there are a few hundred kilometers in between. In addition to the waterfalls, there is a camping facility. Payment works via Collection Box.


Tennant Creek and Mary Ann Lake

Mary Ann Lake is a reservoir about 5 km north of Tennant Creek. In Tennant Creek itself, you should probably just fil up your tank. Since this is a relatively larger place, gasoline is also relatively cheap there – relatively!

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At the dam of Mary Ann you will find a rest area, where you can go swimming in the lake and there are hot showers – and for free! Camping is prohibited. But there are many places along the highway, where you can stay overnight without any issue.


Devils Marbles

Just off the Stuart Highway are the Devils Marbles. A very interesting place with countless round shaped rocks. It is definitely worth stopping here to see these special rock formations (about 2 hours will be enough). The sunset at the Devils Marbles is very beautiful.

This place is not as known, but very cool to see. I am going to attach photos as well.


Alice Springs

This desert town does not really have much to offer except a few museums.  The city is very small and therefore the nightlife is very limited. The Aviation Museum is free. It’s a great way to get an idea of how difficult it was to settle and reach the outback not so long ago.

Tip: Be sure to fill up your gas here before driving on, as the fuel prices in Alice Springs are a lot cheaper than along the Stuart Highway!


Kings Canyon

On the way to the Uluru, you come by the Kings Canyon. Well, you still need to drive about 160km off the highway. It’s worth going if you have the time, otherwise, it’s ok if you don’t. It’s easy to camp there, I would just make sure to wake up before the rangers are around – like 7-8am. There is a camping there, but no need to go there.

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