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This is how Easy it is to Get Laid in a Hostel

This is why everyone should stay at hostels! But don't expect this every day.

Hostels and sex
Hostels and sex

My name is Marco, I am a backpacker from Italy and this is my hostel life story. This one happened in Cairns, Australia.

I spent 2 months in the outback somewhere between Melbourne and Cairns. Despite enjoying the very minimalistic life, living out of a van and on a few slices of bread per day, I really got sick and tired of the red sand – in the car, in my shoes, clothes and most probably also there, where the sun never shines. If you have been to the outback you know what I am talking about.

We couldn’t wait to be back in the civilization, sleep in a proper bed at a decent hostel and have a wild party, which Cairns is famous for – and this is what we did. We had pre-drinks, goon of course, which was left from our outback trip, at our hostel (name of hostel removed by #Travelgott). And we went to every single bar and club in Cairns people told us about on the trip. At least I think we did. I can’t recall a single thing after 1 o’clock, but I remember well how I woke up.

It was in my bunk bed, with the worst headache ever. I pressed my face into the pillow and screamed: „Anyone got an Aspirin“? 3 or 4 to me unknown girls in the hostel room started to laugh. They didn’t have any Aspirin, but they wanted to know how my night was. But I literally couldn’t talk, since everything in my head was spinning around. They told me I should put my foot and arm out of the bed since that is supposed to stop it. They turned out to be British, so they should know (no offense if you are British 🙂 ).

The girl in the bed underneath me grabbed my hand and gave me a massage. To be honest, the massage sucked, but I wanted to know where this is leading. The girls made fun of my Italian accent, while I made fun of their „food“. I told them that I really had to pee out the remaining of last night of my blotter, but I was too scared to get out of the bunk bed (and basically ruining the situation).

The girl in the bed below said, I can sneak into her bed, so I wouldn’t have to climb back into my bed. That was very thoughtful but also very scary, since I so far didn’t see her at all. I mean, how must a girl look like, if she invites a guy to sleep in her bed she never saw? Or maybe she did see me before and I can’t remember? I replied that if I do that we are definitely NOT having sex. She laughed about that and the 4 girls told me, how long they are lasting without sex. „Long“ meant anything between 7 hours and 2 months.

That sex talk turned me on like crazy. Now I just wanted to go to pee to jump into her bed. On the way to the toilet I finally saw her – only her face, all the rest was covered by the blanket. I stood in front of her only in my underwear and I told her: „You look hot“. „Wait until you see the rest of me“, she said. I asked her if she meant her boobs. She laughed out loud and became very serious very quickly: „Not only“! I took her blanket and slowly uncovered her. She didn’t do anything against it. Instead, she grabbed my legs and touched me almost everywhere. I was afraid she would find out about my morning boner, but I am sure that was no secret anymore.

My friends woke up meanwhile and they made fun of the situation with the other British girls. So I just quickly uncovered her boobies to get a glimpse of them. She was also just sleeping in her underwear. I confirmed that the boobs were great and I disappeared into the bathroom. I was hard like a rock. Today I don’t even remember if I actually urinated or not – I just wanted to have this happening.

I went back out in the dorm room and climbed into her bed behind her. She covered me and pushed me against her. Now she felt my rock for sure. She didn’t hesitate and grabbed it, while the rest of the room laughed once again about the situation.

She started rubbing me and I am sure she was playing with herself as well. I removed her panties and she wanted me to have me in between her legs. I couldn’t go all the way since it became very quiet and I am sure everyone else was watching us. She (I never got to know her name) turned around and rubbed me harder. She kissed me and asked if I wanted to go to the showers.

We went to the bathroom together, turned on the shower, just to have the noise of the water in hope that no one in the room could hear us. But actually, we didn’t really care anymore. She definitely couldn’t care less the way she screamed. She stood against the wall and I took her from behind. When we left the bathroom again, our friends greeted us with applause and loud noise.

As if the situation was not weird enough, the 4 girls started to pack her stuff because they had to check out. I never saw the girl again and I think I never will. And this is why i love the hostel life!

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