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Tenterfield – Fruit Picking Jobs for Backpackers

Tenterfield is not so popular among backpackers looking for farm jobs - so could make it easier for you to find a job there.

Weather Rock in Tenterfield, NSW
Weather Rock in Tenterfield, NSW

Backpackers come to Tenterfield pretty much just to look for fruit picking jobs. The city is located in the far north of New South Wales. Travelers with a car can camp for free undisturbed by rangers in the car, for example in the Ottobeuern Park (shown on the map and street view below), in the south of the town.

Fruit Picking and Farm Jobs

From November to December the cherry harvest takes place. The cherry dale farm in the south might be a great option. The farm is only 10 acres big (puny by Australian standards) and he pays the minimum wage.

From January on, the vegetable harvest will take place. This job is more exhausting but may be better paid. As bucket boy, you will be paid a little more. But remember: You are going to carry boxes full of vegetables all day long.

The cherry dale farm in the south of Tenterfield is okay. Cherry picking is not really fun, it just takes so much time to fill up a small bucket with cherries. Pay is minimum wage.

Tenterfield - Cherry picking
Tenterfield – Cherry picking


The town offers jobs for travelers as fruit pickers. About 3,500 inhabitants live here. Barbara from the Tenterfield Lodge & Caravan Park (tel. 02-6736-1477) in the center of the village, might be able to hook you up with a farm job. With her, you will also find accommodation. For a caravan (with TV, etc.) you pay around 150 per week.

Camp for Free in Tenterfield

If you are in the area looking for a job and want to camp for free in your car or van, check out this place here. It’s the Ottobeuren Park in Tenterfield where you can spent the night undisturbed.

You can open the camping spot on Google Maps by clicking on the link in the image.

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