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Swedish Girl Shares her Naughty Hostel Experience in Melbourne

What would you do if two people are getting it on in the same hostel room?

Having sex in hostels
Having sex in hostels

How do travellers deal with the fact, that they meet nice, beautiful and attractive people from all over the world without having the space (or money) for some privacy? We all have some crazy hostel life experiences to share, but what are the boundaries? Well, I guess I have found mine!

I am a 24-year-old girl from Sweden and I am currently backpacking through Australia and New Zealand together. It was on Australia Day when I went out for some drinks in Melbourne with a friend. I can’t remember how many drinks we had, but it was definitely one too many.

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We somehow managed to return to our hostel in St. Kilda and fell into our beds. We shared a dorm with one really nice and innocent girl from Taiwan and a guy from the Netherlands (he could also be German, we barely spoke to him and it all sounds the same to me anyway).

The Taiwanese girl was, of course, already sleeping and I just finished checking Tinder when the Dutch guy came back into the hostel room. Obviously not alone. I thought it would be the usual procedure: Check the room if there is someone else and if so, grab a couple of condoms and leave for the showers.

Now, I don’t know why it was a different story this time. Maybe they didn’t realize we were all in the room or maybe they didn’t know where the showers were. It was probably a combination of that all, simply because they were too wasted.

Realizing that they are not going anywhere, I prayed to the Travelgod that they would just share a bed together for the night and that’s it. But that doesn’t sound much like #hostellife, right?

The British girl (she must have been British, because no accent like the British) fell over something in the dark (or more likely while taking their shoes off, now that I think about). Anyways, everyone in the room must have been awake by now. She apologized to the guy by kissing him all over. I had my back towards them but could still feel their struggle of undressing each other. It felt like an eternity to me.

Once they hit the bed, they had no time to waste. It was pitch black (thanks for not turning the light on by the way), but the noises were telling me they were going down on each other. There is nothing wrong with that, however, not with other people right next to you!

But they wanted to finish what they started. And the girl wasn’t trying to hold back. It was game on for them. She was loud. I mean really loud. If you google for “screamer”, she must be search result #1. And it got even louder when they actually started doing it soon after.

I asked my friend in the bunk bed above me if she was awake. Just a rhetorical one, of course. She couldn’t even answer, she just started to burst the hell out of her. Well, drunk as she was, she actually found it funny. The Taiwanese girl meanwhile, still pretending to be sleeping, was moving around in her bed and I am sure it she was trying to say: “Go f*ck yourself!” Not with the exact same words though, she was just too polite for that.

it became an English lesson in “how to talk in bed for advanced users”!

The couple, however, realizing they were caught in the act and everyone else was awake, couldn’t care less. They now went crazy wild. In fact it became an English lesson in “how to talk in bed for advanced users”. My drunk friend got really excited as well and enjoyed the live show. She actually started to literally cheer them on! She was shouting from the bunk above “go, go, go” and “f*ck her, f*ck her, f*uck her hard”. I hope you realized by now that she is reaaaally crazy (she is looking to meet other crazy people by the way)?

The most embarrassing situation ever. Then she even pointed light onto them! I finally realized how ridiculous the whole situation was and started to laugh out loud as well. How much crazier could it get? Gosh, I now wish the bed above them was occupied as well. But it wasn’t. So sad.

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The guy has checked out the next day early in the morning (I guess the British girl never stayed at the hostel). The Taiwanese girl never spoke to us again. I’m sure it was just too much for her and not because she hated us. After all we are Sweds and no one hates Sweds, right?

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