The Stromatolites – Hamelin Pool

    Numerous guidebooks about the Shark Bay mention the Stromatolites in the Hamelin Pool on Shark Bay. The stromatolites are an ancient life forms.


    Those at Shark Bay are the oldest form of life in the world. But how old are the Stromatolites? Just about 3.5 million years old. Fun fact: All land creatures owe their existence to the Stromaolis, as they produced enough oxygen millions of years ago, and today we have about 20% oxygen in the atmosphere, in order for us human being to be able to live.


    They look like stones and are black. A short jetty passes over them. They are best to visit at low tide. Next to it is a small shop that sells just about everything – overpriced.


    Are they worth a visit? Hell yeah! You are not going to play around with them nor pet them, but you are going to see the oldest living thing of this planet! Nevertheless, a short stop will be all that you need. The visit ist free.!4v1563584016552!6m8!1m7!1svEBL4txf9BCXQM6TZcXWBQ!2m2!1d-26.400452501794!2d114.1589186829383!3f298.773107643434!4f-2.9634845573195037!5f0.7820865974627469


    Hamlin Pool, Western Australia-26.400427114.159043

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