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Stanthorpe – Fruit Picking & Backpacking Jobs

Stanthorpe is a great place for backpackers looking for farm jobs and fruit picking jobs. We have worked there and share our tips.

Stanthorpe is a small country town with approximately 4000 inhabitants about 200km southwest of Brisbane, only a few miles from the border to New South Wales. Backpackers come here to look for farm work – and find it too. The main season for farm jobs starts here from January, when vegetables, fruits and grapes are harvested.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Stanthorpe

In the center of Stanthrope there is the employment agency “Work Force” of Chandler McLeod (we indicate it on the map below). It’s best to talk to Sue: [email protected]).

This is a government funded facility that provides find employment at no cost. If you are looking for work, you should ideally register here. A copy of the visa and passport is required. They want to know if you have made any relevant experience and where (at home, in Australia, family business, employment relationships…) – also for fruit picking!

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If you do not have made any experience yet, it’s best to come up with some possible experiences. These fruit picking jobs are not that difficult. But just by saying that you have worked in this area, increases the opportunities significantly.

From November you can find a “thinning Job” relatively easily. thinning means, that you take off fruit from apple trees etc., for example apples where you see they are not growing well or when there is too many apples on a branch. This way the remaining fruits can mature better.

If you get one of these jobs, you are extremely lucky – they are not very hard. Monotonous, but not hard.

I am going to publish a couple of farms in the farm sections, which I know quite well. They are definitely ok and not like the other farm horror stories.

Where to stay in Stanthorpe

The Backpacker Hostel “The Summit” in the north of the city (about 15 km outside, in The Summit) offers accommodation for fruit pickers. Fruit pickers are taken by the hostel’s own bus to the work place every morning and are picked up again. Once a week you go to the town, where you can buy food. The atmosphere here is good, but it’s not really cheap. Address: 283 Granite Belt Drive, The Summit, QLD, +61 7 4683 2044.

The Happy Apple (www.happyapple.com.au) is a campsite and is sometimes called only half-joking as Crappy Apple. The camping is nothing special, but also cheap. It is like the “The Summit” in the immediate vicinity of numerous farms. Address: 10 Munson Lnl, Thulimbah QLD 4376, +61 7 4685 2880.

There are several caravan parks in Stanthorpe. The best way to enquire is the visitor center or also the office of Work Force – they know the best who has free accommodation. Often you are also accommodated in cabins – simple cabins with everything you need.

Recommended Farms

While there are plenty of farms, here are a couple which are recommended. You can find the jobs via Work Force in Stanthorpe.

Mazzeatti – Apple Farm

This is avery good farm. They pay the minimum wage per hour. The job must be done well, but with a little effort you will be doing just fine. You can try it with this e-mail address (no guarantee): [email protected]. Farm is valid for the second year holiday visa!

Nicoletti – Apple Farm

The boss, Daniel, is very committed to good and accurate work. It’s better to take some time, but do the job right. He likes to explain exactly how the job should be done, but in a pleasant tone. Somewhat smaller farm (by Australian standards) but ideal for Working Holiday. You can try the email [email protected]. Farm is valid for the second year holiday visa!

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