Short Fremantle Guide

    Fremantle is a nice town, located directly on the Indian Ocean in the south of Perth. The port of Perth is located in Fremantle. Accordingly, many containers are loaded and unloaded daily on freighters. By train, this suburb is easily accessible via the Fremantle Line from Perth (see public transportation in Perth).


    Every year, many festivals are held there, including the Music Festival in January. Fremantle is also known for the markets where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. Especially in the summer, the high season, the town flourishes with all its restaurants and cafes. The easily digestible beer “Little Creatures” is brewed here. The brewery is open to all, and food is served as well.


    The Fremantle Museum tells a short and sexy story about the settlement of the area around the Swan River. If you have time, you can spend 30-60 minutes here. The entry is a gold coin – so 1 or 2 dollars. You are throwing in the coin, noone is really checking how much.


    If you have more time to spend in Fremantle, you can contact the local visitor center on the main square (as shown in the map below). There is also free Wi-Fi.!4v1563571702935!6m8!1m7!1so7c6W_Tey7LHLYbLWcR9Sg!2m2!1d-32.0541487324624!2d115.747487319992!3f114.95038431390668!4f15.422535273440161!5f0.7820865974627469


    Visitor Center, Fremantle-32.054216115.747706

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