Shark Bay – Free Camping

    Denham is a small holiday town and the main town of the peninsula of Shark Bay. It is easy to free camp here. The waterfront is very well designed. There you will find a gas station and bottles shops. The gasoline is relatively cheap here. The Bottleshops, however, not so much.


    In Denham there are public toilets with showers. However, there is no drinking water because the water contains salt. Numerous anglers try their luck from the shore. In this promenade street (Knight Ter) is also the Visitor Center. Here you can reserve a free campsite for one night.


    Although these camps have no toilets or shower and are more like a parking lot, they have the advantages of being free and you do not have to worry about being woken up by the Ranger in the morning. All you need is a name and car number – and you can sleep in the car for free and legally. If you ask nicely, you might get a camp spot for a second night if you wish.


    Eagle Bluff is one of those camping grounds. If you want to see sharks from above the cliffs of the Shark Bay, then Eagle Bluff is most likely your spot – but without guarantee whatsoever. It is definitely worth a stop though!


    To spot is located 35 km before Denham and is a rest area where you can spend the night undisturbed – even without registration in the Visitor Office in Denham. Here it is worth stopping for a while and go to the beach.!4v1563580820564!6m8!1m7!1sz3tmt3znMh7OCQN-BzzmNA!2m2!1d-26.09233191000239!2d113.5800597852304!3f234.40016110251912!4f-10.79778847808008!5f0.7820865974627469


    Eagle Bluff, Shark Bay-26.092051113.580687

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