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Rainbow Beach – Camp for Free

It is very easy to camp for free in your car or van in Rainbow Beach. We tell you how to survive as a vanlifer.

If you travel by car to Rainbow Beach and need to free camp there, read here what you need to know. Rainbow Beach is next to Harvey Bay the starting point for trips to Fraser Island. Here you can get the cheapest deals for trips to Fraser. The village is just a sleeping nest, but it is a very easy-going place for vanlifers.

Free Camping for Backpackers

It is suitable for backpackers who are traveling by car. On the beach at the tower of “Surf Rescue”, there are wonderful hot showers, massive BBQs and public toilets in the main car park, which are open around the clock.

You can easily sleep in your car anywhere in Rainbow Beach. In our experience you won’t have to expect any fines here – after all, it is also the backpackers who make this place come alive.

Vanpacker Tip

If you want to charge the batteries of your laptop and phone, try the Rainbow Beach Community Hall on the main street (left side) that leads to the village. Here you can in the evening – sometimes more and sometimes less – undisturbed, on the sockets that are attached to the outside.

Click on the link in the image to find this place.

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