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To participate in a raffle the following conditions apply:

  1. Every participant accepts these terms of participation and all possibly advertised special terms or rules of the raffle. The specific terms and conditions or rules are published directly on the announcement of the raffle.
  2. Every natural person who has attained the age of 18 years can enter a raffle. Excluded from participation are authors of Travelgott and its associated companies, employees and partners of the respective raffle and all persons who are or were engaged in the implementation of the respective raffle. The same applies to family members of the first and second degree and their partners in a marriage-like community. The price cannot be claimed by someone who participates despite not being entitled to.
  3. Each participant agrees that for the raffle necessary personal data (date of birth, age, first and second name, telephone number and address) is stored electronically and used for raffle purposes in compliance with the privacy terms of Travelgott. The participant assures with their participation that all information supplied is correct. If the participant gives the consent to use their personal data for internal marketing purposes (e.g. newsletter and special offers etc.), Travelgott can use the data accordingly.
  4. Each participant agrees to be available in case if selected as a winner for eye-catching and media-effective prize transfer actions and other press and media activities of Travelgott. He agrees with the publication of his first and last name and place of residence. Winners may opt to reject the prize.
  5. It will be raffled the prize as described in the announcement, if not stated otherwise. Additional services (such as arrival, departure, expenses, lodging, delivery etc.) are only included in the prize, if they are specifically named as part of the raffle.
  6. Once the raffle is over, the winner will be drawn and will be informed and receives the prize, if not stated otherwise. For that purpose the participant agrees that necessary personal data is transmitted to a possible sponsor of the competition, which provides available prices. Prizes cannot be converted into cash.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, the winner is obliged to pick up the price within 4 weeks, otherwise he loses all claims.
  8. If it is required to prepare and submit a contribution in order to participate (e.g. photo, video, written application or other files etc.), the participant agrees that these creations may be used by Travelgott for the purpose of the relevant competition and may be used for further advertising purposes without restrictions in terms of time, content and place and may be published (e.g. online, social media, radio, TV etc.) and without payment of fees to the participant. The participants does therefore not warrant Travelgott exclusive rights on the creation. The participant is aware that these rights include the processing of the creation (e.g. partial evaluation, technical preparation, combination of several creations etc.) and hereby agrees through its participation.
  9. If there is more than one person involved in the creation (e.g. visible, audible), the participant guarantees by their submission, that all persons involved have granted the participant the right to submit the creation and therefore to the granting of the rights described above, irrevocably and thereby agree to the submission of the creation and the issue of rights. Furthermore, the participant confirms that no rights of third parties have been violated during the preparation of the creation. The participant is insofar liable case of claims of third parties towards Travelgott. Travelgott is not obliged to publish submitted creations.
  10. The contributions (images, links and text) of the participants may not contain insults, false facts, competition, trademark or copyright infringements. Should any third parties assert claims due to infringement of their rights, the participant agrees to hold all liabilities. By participating in a contest, each participant agrees to be personally responsible for his possible legal violations.
  11. Travelgott has the right to exclude participants from the raffle who manipulate or try to manipulate the raffle or the offer, culpably violate participation rules or otherwise attempt to infuence unfairly the raffle or the participation process, in particular by interference, threats or harssment of employees of Travelgott or other participants of the raffle. In such cases Travelgott is entitled to subsequently withdraw and recover prizes already paid out.
  12. Travelgott reserves the right to cancel a raffle at any time or to change its rules. This applies especially to force majeure and if the competition cannot be carried out or continued for organizational, technical or legal reasons.
  13. All actions of Travelgott on Facebook are not affiliated with Facebook and are in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook. Facebook is not the contact for competitions on the Facebook page of Travelgott, but Travelgott itself. Any questions, comments or complaints about the raffles are to be sent directly Travelgott and not to Facebook. Participants cannot assert any claims against Facebook in connection with participation in the sweepstakes.
  14. The liability of Travelgott for false statements in the context of the competition is excluded, unless Travelgott or a vicarious agent of Travelgott acts intentionally or with gross negligence.
  15. The recourse of the courts is excluded.

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