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Become a Contributer of a Global Travel Guide

Independent bloggers and travelers share their best travel tips, blog posts, news and hacks all around the world on Travelgott. You can also join our Revenue Share Program and earn money while on the road from your posts: Authors receive the revenues from Adsense ads displayed within their articles.

IMPORTANT: Posts on Travelgott are exclusively used as a global travel guide on Gloqon, an app where you can find the best tips in any location. You can also get in touch with other travellers, nomads and expats in the same area or same place (e.g. hostel) and as for help and advice.

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Your benefits

We try to give our authors the maximum benefits. If you have a specific request or idea, please contact us.

  1. Sign the article with your name/blog name
  2. Link to your own blog
  3. Shared Google Adsense: Sign up and provide your Google Publisher-ID in your profile. You will earn 100% of the revenue deriving from ads within your articles.
  4. Multilingual: We translate your articles. Current supported languages are English and German.
  5. Optimized SEO: We optimize your articles for SEO
  6. Affiliate links: You may use your own affiliate links, as long as the content is valuable to our users.
  7. Contribute to a global travel guide, provided together with Gloqon. Together we are building a travel guide truly made by travellers and a global network of travellers, digital nomads and expats.
  8. New to blogging? Learn how to create and use a professional blog. If you need help, just contact us.

You are free to publish a single topic article or bundle more information in one (e.g. top 10 places to eat in [city] if you are on a budget).

Tips for Content

Every time you create a blog posts or make an experience on your travels, good or bad, which is worth sharing, Travelgott is the perfect place to do so. You can use your SEO know-how and can instantly become a travel blogger on a professional and multilingual website.

Together we aim to build a global and comprehensive travel guide. Our local travel tips are integrated on Gloqon. Gloqon is an app where you can find insider tips by updating your location and get in touch with other people in the area.

Every travel blogger and traveller has something to share! Ask the following questions:

  • Have you been working during a trip and would like to share the experience with other travellers?
  • Did you stay at a place and want to share some insights?
  • Are you an expert of a city (maybe your home town) and want to share insider tips?
  • Do you have some travel news or interseting stories to share?

You can write about a single topic or bundle more information in one article.

You can also post a travel tip on Gloqon and we publish it here as well (make sure to have set the right location and tag the post with #travelgott). Alternatively write to us on Facebook.

Our Terms and Conditions

By submitting an article on Travelgott, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Original Content

Authors are the original creators of their works. They hold the right to publish their work and content. Photos are created by the publisher or they have the right to use them. Make sure to always give credit to the original creator.

The team of Travelgott reserves the right to refuse to publish an article. Before publishing, we will check the article. This includes proof reading, optimizations for search engines, design optimization, ad placements and translation. However, we are not liable for the content, its accuracy and legal conformity. The authors of the article are solely accountable for their articles.


The contributions (images, links, texts etc.) of the author may not contain insults, false facts and competition, trademark or copyright infringements. Should any third parties assert claims due to infringement of their rights, the author agrees to hold all liabilities. Each author agrees to be personally responsible for their possible legal violations.


We at Travelgott are multilingual and try as hard as we can to translate every single submitted articles into English and German (more languages will follow). Multilingual authors can translate their own articles in the backend or ask friends to do so.

If you would like to translate articles on Travelgott, please contact us. External translators become the author of the article and will therefore earn the revenue from ads.

Earn Money

100% of the revenue from ads within the content (not sidebars) will go to the publisher of the article. For that purpose Google Adsense is used. Every time an ad is displayed to a user or someone clicks on it, the author will get their revenue share directly from Google.

Authors must therefore sign up on the Google Adsense program and leave their publisher ID (e.g. pub-0173921673266718) in their profile on Travelgott.

Two ad blocks are automatically inserted at the top and bottom of an article. To insert an ad block, just copy this short code, where you want to display it: [ maa id=’basic’ ] (no space between brackets). We can also do that for you. As a rule of thumb: One ad block can be shown per 300-500 characters.

Please note: Google Adsense strictly forbids clicking on ads from within their own sites to increase the revenue. Google tracks such fraudulent clicks and permanently excludes violators to participate in their Adsense program. Authors violating the terms of Google Adsense will also be excluded from the revenue share program of Travelgott.


Authors grant Travelgott a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive and unlimited license to use and edit their works. If there is more than one person involved in the creation, the author guarantees by their submission, that all persons involved have granted the right to submit the creation and therefore to the granting of the rights described above, irrevocably and thereby agree to the submission of the creation and the issue of rights.

Furthermore, the author confirms that no rights of third parties have been violated during the preparation of the creation. The author is insofar liable case of claims of third parties towards Travelgott. Travelgott is not obliged to publish submitted creations and reserves the right to change or delete an article at any time.


Travelgott reserves the right to exclude an author at any time, especially, but not limited to, if the author violates our terms. Travelgott may change these terms at any time and without approval of the authors.

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