Public Transportation in Perth

    The public transportation network of Perth is called Transperth. Timetables etc. can be found at But you will soon discover that it is no pleasure to explore the city by public transportation.


    A few buses in the city center are free, but really only within the Central Business District, where you can walk to everything. Otherwise you have to pay per zone. For example, if you want to travel from Fremantle to Perth, you need to pay a ticket for 2 zones (4,90 dollars). Find prices for zones here.


    Systematic ticket controls on trains can only be found at the central station “Perth”. There, however, every entering and exiting passenger is checked at the entrance to the station. At all other stations, ticket checks take place sporadically, but nevertheless regularly – therefore you are strongly adviced to get a valid ticket.


    It is also common to control in the trains themselves. In the bus, the driver must be presented with a valid ticket or can be bought there. Long story short – tickets are expensive but you should get them.


    Paying for public transport

    At every major station or in the kiosk can also get the Smartrider. This magnetic card you can top up with any amount you want. The fare will be deducted automatically.


    Attention: tag on – tag off! When entering a train station or boarding a bus, you need to “tag on” (magnetic reader captures the Smartrider). When leaving the vehicle or station, the “tag off must not be forgotten. For this purpose, the Smartrider is held again to the reader and the corresponding fee is deducted automatically. If you forget this, the entire day’s fee will be deducted.



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