The Pinnacles

    The Pinnacles Desert is located about 200km north of Perth. It is a desert with unique rock formations. They undeniable, though not officially, are shaped like giant penises.


    The emergence of the Pinnacles can not be understood with 100% certainty. Various theories can be found in the Visitor Center. You can choose whether you would like to walk around by foot or, I think the better choice, drive around with your own vehicle along the designated way. The Pinnacle Loop, the way where you are allowed to walk and drive around, is open all year and you can do it with any vehicle, no need for a 4WD.


    The entrance fee for this national park is 13 dollars, like everywhere else in Western Australias – there is no way to get around this fee. The Pinnacles are absolutely worth seeing and unique in the world. Moreover, they are not in the middle of nowhere but can be easily reached from Perth in about 2 hours. Even organized bus tours are offered from Perth in case you don’t have a car.!4v1563574266396!6m8!1m7!1sHxtB1KIOEFu3j2_lk_YEUg!2m2!1d-30.60447846403824!2d115.1572833280321!3f182.1947796227954!4f-3.3296925696991195!5f0.7820865974627469


    The Pinnacle Desert, WA-30.60439115.154725

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