Pink Lake near Kalbarri

    A few miles south of Kalbarri is a Pink Lake. When it’s warm enough, this lake is really pink. Responsible for this are beta-carotins, which e.g. also give the carrots their color. The lake itself is not particularly worth seeing, but it is still interesting if it has a pink color. Check it out if it’s pink and maybe share a picture with us.


    The Pink Lake is located about 55km south of the village of Kalbarri.!4v1563579526989!6m8!1m7!1sCAoSLEFGMVFpcE9USXVUMlJ3c1l0TUFjRG9VQkRVXzNXclJiVXMzUjhpRDN4QVF5!2m2!1d-28.1621037!2d114.2449937!3f106.89760143788594!4f-1.6721116439323112!5f0.7820865974627469


    Pink Lake, WA-28.150651114.25403

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