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Phillip Island – Secret Things to Do

There are a couple of things you should definitely not miss out when visiting Phillip Island - some are know and some not so much. Check them out!

An Experience Review of Phillip Islands

Hi guys! I have spent a couple of days on Phillip Islands and would like to share the top 2 things I did there.

Penguin watching

Every day, punctually after sunset countless groups of fairy penguins frolic on the beach. You can see this spectacle, however, the entrance fee to it is high – 25 dollars! The penguins come out of the water very carefully right on time and then run across the beach in search of their nests hidden behind the dunes.

All this happens within 50 minutes after the arrival of the first penguins on the beach. It is interesting to observe the animals up close while waddling through the bushes. But we also had the feeling that the penguins feel disturbed by the people. If you visit the “Penguin Parade” and shoot photos of it, it is absolutely necessary to turn off the flash.

Feeding Stingrays

An insider tip on Phillip Island is the stingrays that you can feed by hand. Yes, exactly, out of hand! This happens at the pelican feeding area on the left just before the bridge to Phillip Island.

Sting Rays and Pelicans on Phillipp Island
Sting Rays and Pelicans on Phillipp Island

Apart from pelicans, one can observe these mighty rays here, which became well known when Steve Irwin, aka Crocodile Hunter and founder of the Australia Zoo, was unfortunately killed by one of these animals because of a stingray which got him right at the heart. If you observe these animals up close, you will see how majestic, elegant and peaceful they float through the water.

Unlike the penguin waddling, this highlight is pretty much unknown. Hardly any tourists are aware of this attraction that some locals offer to their visitors.

But everyone can do the feeding by himself: Simply get some “bait”, ie fishing bait, from the surrounding shops and keep them in the water. Soon surrounding stingrays will become aware of the smell and swim to the “bait”. But do not panic: just keep calm and wait. The fish will fetch the bait gently. Do not move too fast and you have nothing to fear.

You can even pad the fish over their backs – without feeling the sting. On many days of the year, an elderly lady feeds the rays and pelicans, while tourists can take their photos in peace.

This is where you can find this spectacular. Click on the link in the image to open it on Google Maps:


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