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Penguin Watching in St. Kilda

Did you know that in Melbourne, specifically in St. Kilda, you can spot penguins? And that is completely free of charge. Read more here.

Hi backpackers! This is a quick tip about the penguins in St. Kilda. I didn’t know about it, some people just took me with them. Not sure if it’s a popular thing, but I will leave this tip here:

At night, the world’s smallest penguins can be seen in St. Kilda as they return to the mainland – a free spectacle for big and small backpackers! You can do the same thing on Phillip Island, but it’s very expensive there (although with way more penguins as well). Anyways, I prefer the wild and free version in St. Kilda.

Just go to the beach as indicated on the map below at the evening, that’s all you need to do.

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