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Free Camping Melbourne – Palais Theatre

Check out free camping spots in Melbourne and St. Kilda - perfect for backpackers traveling in car or van.

Many vanpackers exploring Australia by car come together at the parking area at the Palais Theatre during the day. It is a great spot for backpackers, but keep in mind that it is not free to park here. However, in one corner of the car park many backpacker cars are parked one by one and in my experience parking rangers don’t care about it.

Free Camping Spots in Melbourne to Sleep in Your Car [with map]

Please keep that in mind when you decide to park here. Choose the corner as shown on our map. It is not recommended to camp overnight. Some backpackers are not going to bother much about a possible fine.

You can find public toilets and showers just across the beach at St. Kilda Beach.

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