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#1 Platform for Nomads, Bloggers and Travellers to Watch in 2017

Gloqon - The Travellers Network should be on the list of every digital nomad, blogger and traveller

Gloqon - The Travellers Network
Gloqon - The Travellers Network

The rise of apps helped to make travelling and nomading a lot easier. Whether it is to get around in a new city, finding POIs, booking hotels and flights on the road – no one is leaving home without their smartphone anymore.

Gloqon – The Travellers Network – is now pushing to connect digital nomads and travellers in the same location. While there is other projects out there with a similar approach, Gloqon is well worth checking out with its neat and sophisticated features.

The platform is location based and works all around the world. We have been testing for a while now and talked to the founders.

Five Core Features of Gloqon

1. A “local Facebook” for Travellers and Nomads

On Gloqon you can post just like on Facebook or Twitter, however, posts are only visible by people who are in the same area. You can save locations and easily switch between them if you are interested in more areas, or would like to check out a destination where you are going next.

2. Get updates from friends in your area

Follow your friends or interesting profiles and you get notified when they something in your area. This comes in handy to see people again you met before on the road in a different location or to organize a night out with your friends.

You have the option to post something for everyone in the same location, to your friends on Gloqon or even to your non-friends. Connect your profile with Facebook to find your Facebook friends.

Choose who can see your posts on Gloqon
Choose who can see your posts on Gloqon
3. Get in touch with people in the very same place

The “Gloqon Hotspots” enable you to get in touch with people in the very same building – hotel, hostel, camping or co-working space. Those businesses can use the service for their on-site guests and push information to them in real time. Furthermore they can provide general information like upcoming events, recommendations on what to do in the city or about the property.

This service is usually subject to a fee, however, you can get a Hotspot free of charge if you write to Gloqon an e-mail with the subject #Travelgott. You can learn more about Hotspots here.

4. Travel Guide created by Travel Bloggers

Gloqon users have a travel guide powered by travel bloggers in their pockets. Local travel tips will be featured on the platform. By updating the location, users can see what popular travel bloggers recommend. This feature is still in the works and as shown in the screenshot below it seems like users will also be able to create events.

The features "calendar" and "guide" are currently disabled on Gloqon
The features “calendar” and “guide” are currently disabled on Gloqon
5. Native app features but no download required

To use the app, you don’t have to download anything. The platform is web-based, however, it offers features just like any other app. The design is mobile-first and you can even get push-notifications. Yes, it works! We have tested it on an Android device.

Gloqon - choose which push-notifications you get via your browser
Gloqon – choose which push-notifications you get via your browser

Questions to the Gloqon team

How did you come up with the concept?

We had the idea when we were travelling and studying abroad. Even today it is quite difficult to casually connect with people in the same location.

Facebook groups are really the only option, but they don’t satisfy our needs: You have to search for them, select between hundreds of groups for all sorts of purpose and that for every place you go to – very annoying.

Gloqon is available as a web-app. Do you have plans to release native apps for Android and iOS?

Yes. We actually already have developed native apps for Android and iOS, but haven’t released them just yet, because they are always one step behind. New features are coming online continuously and we want to integrate them in the native apps first as well.

We started with the web-based application, so you don’t have to download anything in order to use it. And we know from personal experience, that for digital nomads it is nice to be able to use the platform on your laptop.

You are integrating a travel guide created by travel bloggers. What will that look like?

Selected blogs receive an award for their quality and helpful content.

Yes, this is our #1 priority at the moment. Apart from posts, we will provide interesting travel guides provided by bloggers. People will just have to update their location (or select one) to find travel tips, such as top free things to do, where to sleep in your car for free, budget restaurants… pretty much anything which is of interest for digital nomads and travellers. Users can easily filter through them and quickly find what they need.

It will be a “lonely planet by bloggers” as we believe travel blogs provide way better and more detailed information as a travel book will ever be able to. We invite travel bloggers, who would like to be featured on Gloqon, to post their blog posts on Gloqon. Selected blogs receive an award for their quality and helpful content.

What is coming next?

There are so many cool things which you could do with Gloqon. One idea we have in our minds is multiple groups, for example for “digital noamds” and “travellers”. They can be open or secret, but you have to join them in order to see their posts.

This way travellers and digital nomads have their own space, but even more groups like that are possible. But we start developing that, we want to see the need for this feature and reach a critical mass. While we reach that, hashtags should be more than enough. 🙂

If you want to check out Gloqon, you can do so here. If you are blogger and want your blogpost(s) featured in the travel guide, post it on the platform.

Have you any questions about Gloqon? Please comment below.


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