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Party in Melbourne or St. Kilda?

Melbourne or St. Kilda? Where to stay between these two places is a tricky question. Nightlife definitely plays its role.

Where should I party? In Melbourne or St. Kilda?

Should you go out in Melbourne or St. Kilda? I question we weren’t sure what the answer was. If you would like to have a night out in Melbourne, head to the northern districts of Fitzroy and Carlton or Chapel Street (indicated on the map). However, the nightlife is very Australian: bouncers let people partly for no reason not in the club, they decide whether you are drunk or not and if you come in or not. The nightlife takes places way more during the weekend. For backpackers is not that much going on during the week. It is expensive as well!


Does that turn you off? Well, we invite you to make your own experience and share it with us here.

Party in St. Kilda

Most backpackers settle in St. Kilda, a district in the south of Melbourne. If you feel like partying, you will find a bar full of backpackers here every evening.

On Thursday, a wet T-shirt contest will take place in the Red Eye Bar of the Base Hostel (shown on Google Maps below). On Friday, however, the rooftop bar of the St. Kilda Beach House is the place to be.

Long story short: We enjoyed the nightlife way more in St. Kilda than in Melbourne.

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