Nightlife in Northbridge/Perth

    Perth’s entertainment district is Northbridge. Here, where the restaurants are next to bars and bars are next to night clubs, the city meets in the evenings. Attention: Make sure you do not dress “too casual” at the weekend. Especially on shoes they throw an eye in Perth. That is to say that bouncers don’t like to see Converse or the like. During the week they are not as strict, but be reminded!


    When you enter a pub, a photo of you is taken in pretty much every nightclub or bar (fingerprints do not seem to be well received by visitors, but the photo is obviously ok).


    And if that was not enough, it is enough for tourists to only show a normal photo ID or driver’s license, no, doormen in Perth are going to ask for your passport!

    So it can be quite a pain in the ass, if you constantly are on the lookout not to lose your passport in Australia.


    Northbridge also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. Many Italians are here (but where not?) And if you like it a bit cheaper, there are plenty of Asian restaurants like. Asians offer good food at fair prices. In the center of the city affordable food is not really common – try Northbridge instead if you don’t feel like cooking.


    Of course, there are also a few bars in the CBD, but the procedure for entering them in the evening is the same everywhere: showing your passport, taking a photo and only then you can dance the night away. this is especially true on Saturdays. On Fridays you can try to negotiate a bit and during regular weekdays they are not as strict at all.!4v1563568611547!6m8!1m7!1skEjKClZ5dqfTRfJgk0fjnw!2m2!1d-31.94870266570736!2d115.858513638927!3f197.6321210200892!4f0.0014595304719478008!5f0.7820865974627469


    Northbridge WA, Australia-31.9436266115.8538427

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