Monkey Mia – What to Expect?

    Dolphin - Monkey Mia
    Dolphin - Monkey Mia

    Monkey Mia is known for dolphin feeding, which takes place daily from approximately 8:00 to 12:00. There is practically only a parking opportunity and it is required to pay an 8 dollar entrance fee.


    People can easily be smuggled into the parking area in the back of a van. The parking ticket has a validity of 48 hours, with which you can drive directly to the parking lot the next day without being in line. You will not be stopped if you do that. You need to leave the ticket behind the windshield.


    Another option to make the Monkey Mia experience cheaper: Since the ticket has a validity of 48 hours, you can resell it to someone else who can go there the day after.


    The dolphin feeding itself probably seems more spectacular than it actually is. A few dolphins come ashore, where already a horde of people are waiting for them. You get told something about them and then some of them are fed.


    However, they feed them only very little so that they do not get used to it and stay as wild as possible. The fact that the dolphins are wild also proves the fact that not always the same dolphins come and sometimes (but only sometimes) no dolphins come ashore at all – that’s why the ticket is valid for 48 hours – if dolphins do not come in one day you can always visit the day after.


    If you want to see dolphins, this is the place for you, but do not expect too much – but a lot of people for sure.!4v1563582993534!6m8!1m7!1sCAoSLEFGMVFpcE5WUndacnNDbzU1b0pDVEMwRFNTeEd6c1ZnTUU2NEQ5MzYzNGR5!2m2!1d-25.7930956!2d113.7197091!3f273.3746010270889!4f-0.8121990296296957!5f0.7820865974627469


    Monkey Mia, WA-25.794351113.717939

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