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Free Camping Gold Coast – Main Beach at Philip Park [MAP]

We share our best free camping tips for backpackers at the Gold Coast - Australia. Sleep for free in your car.

The Main Beach is within Philip Park at the Gold Coast Peninsula “The Spit” – right next to Sea World. The parking area is not visible from the main road and you are step away from the beach. The parking spot is equipped with a toilet and you can find plenty of showers at the beaches of for example Surfers Paradise.

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Overnight camping is not legal here, so if you decide to stay for the night, be prepared with a good excuse just in case.

We know that many backpackers decide to stay at the parking area of Sea World, since in theory it is a private area and rangers cannot fine you. We have been contact by Sea World Gold Coast to let our readers know that the parking area of the Sea World is only for visitors of the theme park. Please keep that in mind!

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    My 18 year old friend and I (18) were sleeping in our car in this park when at about 4 in the morning we hear strange noises. We look over and there was a 40ish year old bald man in a Holden Commodore with the number plate 1131VA masturbating to loud porn on his phone. He continued to do this for over 30mins before we built up the courage to hop out of the back of our car, move a few things and drive off, the whole time he continued “doing the deed”.


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