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Kununurra – A Backpacking Guide to WA

The town of Kununurra is located about 30 km from the border between the Northern Territory in Western Australia. Kununurra is a good place to do your grocery shopping because you have been traveling most likely for quite a while and food is relatively cheap there.

There is a Coles supermarket, which we recommend. You should also get a voucher for the gas station Shell if you spend your money there.

Camping in Kununurra

This area is so wide and there is plenty of places to sleep somewhere in the car. Just drive a big outside on the highways and stop wherever you feel like – no need to free camp in Kununurra town.

Fishing in Kununurra

There is not much worth seeing in Kununurra. If you like to fish, you are welcome to unpack your fishing rod here. In Argyle Lake south of the village you can relatively easy catch catfishes. A good option is a parking lot right by the lake. Camping is forbidden here, even if nothing is signposted.

Another possibility is the area around the golf course, e.g. at the pumping station, a small hut (a restaurant is also there). The best bait you can use is dead baitfish available at fishing or petrol stations. The bait is best placed near scrub near the shore. You can fish with a simple pose system. You will see, the catfish bite quite easily and also taste good. But watch out, their fins have sharp stings!

If you want to chill somewhere in Kununurra, the Argyle lake is also recommended. The lake is shown on the map and Street View image.

Working in Kununurra

Kununurra is relatively easy to find work, depending on the season, especially because few backpackers want to stay here for a longer period of time. I have not worked there myself, but I have met some people who said that for a quick and easy buck Kununurra is perfect. Maybe someone can share their experience.

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