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Jervis Bay National Park – Backpacking Guide

Jervis Bay National Park is just South of Sydney. It has some of the whitest beaches on earth. This is a backpacking guide.

Jervis Bay, the national park in the south of Sydney, is definitely a place you should visit if you are traveling between Melbourne and Sydney. If you travel from Sydney to Melbourne or the other way round, we recommend driving along the coastline if you have the time.

Whitest Beaches in the World

Jervis Bay National Park is located 200 kilometers south of Sydney and is famous for its white beaches. Supposedly, they are the whitest beaches in the world.

As so many times, with such statements, your expectations are difficult to be met, but I think it’s well worth to visit. Just chilling at one of the beaches is exactly what travelers need every now and then.

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The beaches are all nearby and to the most popular beach leads a paved road. All beaches are (of course) similar, but should still be seen while you’re there – beach-hopping so to say. Those who do the effort or like to do it, should go to a secluded beach and enjoy the absolute peace.

Jervis Bay - White Beaches
Jervis Bay – White Beaches

You will get to see many beaches, but Murrays beach is definitely a must-see (shown in the Street View image)!

Camping in Jervis Bay

Staying overnight can be easy at parking lots, such as the Green Pitchy Patch. Very good sanitary facilities are available in the campsites, they are pretty much accessible to all – even if they are supposed for campers only. There are also BBQs and picnic tables. You can easily spend one night or two in Jervis Bay National Park.

Fun Fact about Jervis Bay

The area of the national park was bought by the federal government in 1915 from the state of New South Wales because the capital Canberra wanted its own access to the beach. It was basically an exclave,  until 1989 when it became independent. No more than 500 people live here.

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Roadtrip between Sydney and Melbourne

On a trip between these two cities we prefer the way along the coast. Places there are not super spectacular, but there are BBQs all around and it’s definitely nicer than the alternative way.

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