Innot Hot Springs

    The Innot Hot Springs are about 60 km away from the Millaa Millaa Falls. They are not the main tourist thing to see and at first not really spectacular, but if you are driving from Cairns to the Outback and come by this place, it is well worth a stop.


    Stop at the Innot Hot Springs Hotel Motel, right next the Highway, there you find a small creek. But don’t be fooled! The creek is small, but the water can be super hot. After that you can continue your trip to the Outback or to Cairns.!4v1563553542247!6m8!1m7!1syBI3ZXzV_aOoo4sObni1yA!2m2!1d-17.66641631791492!2d145.2399155736243!3f316.2232299206396!4f-4.990613314821573!5f1.1924812503605782


    Innot Hot Springs, Australia-17.665638145.239183

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