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Hinze Dam – Our Experience to Advancetown Lake

The Hinze Dam in Advancetown is very impressive. Among tourists not so popular, but check ou here why you should still go.

The area around the Hinze Dam on Advancetown Lake, just behind the Gold Coast, is perfect for a day trip from Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

The Hinze Dam supplies drinking water for the approximately 500,000 inhabitants of the Gold Coast. The villages behind Hinze Dam, especially Springbrook with Springbrook National Park, invite for hikes similar to those of the Blue Mountains near Sydney. There are some Outlooks that keep their promises.

Even the “Best of all Lookouts” is really one of Australia’s best. From there you can see the skyline of Surfers Paradise, the Pacific Ocean and even all the way down to Byron Bay.

The area is an insider tip for tourists and therefore relatively quiet, especially during the week. All the lookouts and hikes in Springbrook National Park can be made easily within a day.

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I recommend it if you have a day or so to spare! The dam is very impressive.

Oh, and by the way, if you like fishing the lake there should be great for it!

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