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Great Ocean Road – Best Places to See

The Great Ocean Road offers some amazing places. But they are easy to miss. Read all about here so you are not missing out!

The Great Ocean Road is an absolute must-see for Australia! From Melbourne you can easily book tours. The trip, though, would be better with your own vehicle or rental car in any case.

Some providers offer one-day tours. But we believe that one day is probably too little. You can easily plan in two days for this stunning highlight – but one is better than nothing. Everyone knows the 12 apostles and probably also the London Bridge, but what else is there?

Let’s start with some images…

The Great Ocean Road is absolutely stunning

But even if the attractions of the Great Ocean Road repeats or resembles one another, we still suggest that you stop here at every possible stop, because although they are so similar, they are so different on its own.

At one spot you get down to the beach, overlooking the open ocean, while the cliffs rise behind you, and then you come across a “blowhole”, where the water of the waves is thrown with force through a hole in the air.

At another point you have a view of various small islands, which were separated over time from the mainland, by the force of the water. And again somewhere else you stand in the middle of a nearly closed bay, while waves are towering up right in front of you. In short, there is much to see, not just the 12 apostles.

Our favorite spots at the Great Ocean Road

We especially encourage you to stop at these stops and lookouts on the Great Ocean Road mentioned below – you will not be disappointed!

  • Lorne (for cockatoos)
  • Twelve Apostles Marine National Park
  • Loch Ard Gorge
  • The Arch
  • London Bridge
  • The Grotto
  • Bay of Islands

You will find that these are almost all places along the route. Just drive along the Great Ocean Road and stop whenever you come by a place. Take the time!

Camping at the Great Ocean Road

There is no problem to camp and sleep in your car or van at the Great Ocean Road. It’s easy and you can do so pretty much at any spot, they are all great.


The so-called Windy Warnambool (the town carries the name for a reason) is located at the end of the Great Ocean Road. This town you can actually skip. Here you won’t find much – except just a lot of wind. Also, the extinct volcano Tower Hill, between Warnambool and Port Fairy is in our opinion not really worth seeing. Unless you are driving past, we recommend stopping here for a quick stop, but you are not missing out if you are not going.

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