Gold Coast: The ultimative Places to Sleep in Your Car for Free

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Are you looking to sleep for free in your van in the Gold Coast Area? We have found the best places for you. Although there is many hidden spots in residential areas and parks, where you can camp for free, these ones are absolutely stunning.

They are right in the middle of the Gold Coast, however, you are still camping in nature, not disturbing any residents. By staying here you will wake up right at the beach and enjoy breakfast right at the beach.

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We have rebuilt this site. Now just click on the link of a free camp spot and you get to see all the details with a map and Street View image!


Doug Jennings Park

Doug Jennings Park is at the end of Spit Point and big enough for many backpackers to camp here for free. Just drive around the park a big and find your favorite spot. When we stayed here we had no problems with rangers either. Before finding out about this awesome place, we stayed at parks, but never had troubles with rangers either.

If caught, we were ready to say, that we arrived during night and we wanted to look for a place to stay the next day – but never had to use it.

Spit Point Main Beach next to Seaworld

Spit Point Main Beach is right next to Seaworld. The place is on the same road to go to the Doug Jennings Park, on the same peninsula. It is well hidden from the main road and just meters from the beach.

You can also try to stay at the parking area of Seaworld. It is a private parking place, so at least the ranger cannot fine you for illegal camping.

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