Surfers Point/Margaret River

    Hi guys! We have been to Margaret River and have free camping at Surfers Point. It’s great, you wake up by the sea, the waves are huge, definitely no surfing spot for beginners like me. But the sunset is great and there are toilets and showers.


    If you don’t want to stay right at the parking of Surfers Point, you can check out places close by, there are quite a few possible spots. For example Rockpools and Rivermouth, they are very close by and there are toilets as well.


    I am travelling all the way to Darwin, will share more tips.!4v1563560176198!6m8!1m7!1sSx8usZGA3mvPiUSzpJlnqA!2m2!1d-33.97618629134121!2d114.9862246981895!3f251.1292262424953!4f-5.105127911924299!5f1.1924812503605782


    Surfers Point, Margaret River-33.976673114.98615

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    1. Please don’t camp at Surfer’s Point or the Rivermouth. There is no free camping in Margaret River which is a shame, but people camping illegally are having a massive negative impact on our social and natural environment. There is also the danger of bushfires from illegal campers. The rangers check these sites regularly and locals are also likely to get upset and call the ranger.


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