Free Camping – Brisbane – Kangaroo Point

    The Lower River Terrace at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane has a free parking limit of 4 hours. Four hours are already a lot, if you want to visit the city, but the parking time is not controlled nor enforced. Kangaroo Point is also popular among local people. Climbers, joggers, slackliners, BBQers and backpackers meet here. It’s really a great spot!


    You should be able to sleep undisturbed here. In the evening you can make your food at one of the many BBQs and have breakfast in the morning at the benches. You are always right on the river and have a perfect view of the skyline of Brisbane. We call these: invaluable backpacker moments.


    Nearby there are also public toilets, but no showers. For free showers, you’ll need to walk 10 minutes to the Streets Beach South Bank Lagoon – which is another great spot to hang out.!4v1563657566932!6m8!1m7!1sUpYEMGc8kU9-FokDXCg60Q!2m2!1d-27.47960998223803!2d153.0335511442634!3f301.3299118180498!4f-0.15021502036040602!5f0.7820865974627469


    Kangaroo Point, Brisbane-27.479695153.033515

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