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Free Camping in Broome

If you want to free camp in Broome there are places to do so. We have spent several days there and done that. Read everything we have learned.

There are a few spots where you can camp for free in your car. Approximately 10km outside the city there is an information bay, where at night backpacker cars and campervans drive up. Signs indicate the camping ban, but it doesn’t seem that it’s enforced. This spot is indicated on the map below.

There is a “backpacker camping”, which is however in bad condition. However, it is sufficient to pay for one person here. If a check takes place, only the payment slip is checked and whether for the van has been paid or not – the number of people is not checked. Near the gymnasium, there is a parking lot where backpackers do not really bother either.

Otherwise, the Light Industrial Area, where you can sleep well on the weekend since no one is at work during the weekends.

We have met backpackers camping at Town Beach and Cable Beach. Of course, camping is also prohibited here, but you will not be punished if you get caught – however, we do not recommend doing this every day.

The best way is to check with other backpackers who have been here before, how badly rangers are checking on free campers.

Toilets and Showers

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a nice big beach where you can take out your surfboard. Public toilets are available here but closed at night. Here you can take a shower as well

Town Beach

There are public toilets at Town Beach, which are closed at night, but without showers. Right next to the car park are barbecues and drinking water too – easy to fill up your bags! The water is perfect, so before the journey goes on, it’s best to get your water supply here. Here you can also relax comfortably in the shade in the park – ideal for those who do not want to hang out on the beach every day. We liked this place – it’s in the Street View image below.

Backpacker Tip

Right next to Town Beach there is a campsite with beach access. You guessed it already: If you are looking for a warm, clean shower and toilet, or would like to charge electronic devices, here is the best option. Power sources are not easy to find in Broome, so this is a good option.

The two toilets in the camping are locked, but can be opened with any key, a sharp object (nail scissors for example) or even with longer nails (really true!). If you enter the campsite from the beach, you have little control to fear. If you are still controlled, you will only be asked to leave the camping.

Some backpackers even go to the campsite without paying. That too is not controlled. But as I said, there as written before, there are other ways to stay in Broome. Hope this helps!

Check out this place in Broome – it’s one of the most popular spots for backpackers:

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