Free Camp Area near Kalbarri

    Hi Backpackers! This spot is highly recommended: The rest area on National Route 1 – “Galena Bridge Camp Area” (or Camp 444 in the book “Camps”). This rest area between Kalbarri and Shark Bay is ideal. It is located next to a river and in the winter months you can also make open fires here. In summer there is a danger of forest fires. Trees provide sufficient shade and toilets are also available.


    The rest area is just outside Kalbarri National Park. It is perfect if you get here late at night and want to explore the National Park first thing in the morning. Attention: Beware of the many flies!!4v1563579018271!6m8!1m7!1sCAoSLEFGMVFpcE9QSmhVQzczRjREOHR2OC1XN3p5cFFSS05odnZJYU82eENYRDkw!2m2!1d-27.8275916!2d114.6920222!3f124.37309512064977!4f7.741009679640214!5f0.5719555715917337


    Galena Bridge Camp Area, WA-27.827799114.689512

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