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Formula 1 Australian Gran Prix in Melbourne – an Experience

The Formula 1 Gran Prix of Australia, usually the first Gran Prix of the season, taking place in Melbourne, is definitely worth to visit - get the cheapest tickets.

When you are in Melbourne during the Formula 1 race you should defnitely take the chance to see this mega event. Traditionally, the season opener of the F1 World Championship takes place here in Melbourne in Albert Park near St. Kilda.

How to get cheap F1 tickets

Particularly attractive in terms of price are the ground passes, which get you to the F1 area, but not into a grandstand. Ground passes for all four days at the Grand Prix are pretty expensive. BUT: Students receive a concession and pay less than 100 dollars for the 4 days.

To get the student concession you would actually need a valid student ID. But our experience shows that no one is really asking for that. If so, just show the Youth Travel Card from STA Travel and negotiate a little! 🙂

A Great Show

The price vs. value ratio of the Grand Prix is pretty good anyway. There are just so many shows around the race, it’s incredible: Art Relay flyer, a jumbo jet show flying at minimum speed above the venue at race day, a jet fighter jet show, motocross show, lots of other attractions in which engines play a role, exhibitions of cars, competitions by Red Bull etc. etc. etc.

Large screens are set up around the course so that even ground ticket holders can follow the progress of the race. On race day itself, however, there is a big crowd.

Earplugs – you have been warned!

IMPORTANT: What you must not forget are earplugs, as Formula 1 cars really make incredible noise. This is not to be underestimated and can not be compared with the noise from the TV!

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