Farm Jobs in Margaret River

    Due to the many farms, which are operated in Margaret River, the place is also popular as a working place among backpackers. Anyone finding a job here is lucky. Rarely do you find farm jobs right by the sea – the beach is always close.


    If you are looking for farm and fruit picking jobs, we recommend to print out a few CVs and go from farm to farm. Ask if you could talk to the owner or manager and ask if they need some helping hands on the farm. Make a great impression and if they need to think about, leave your Curriculum. Tell them, that you are going to call in a couple of days – they need to be sure that you are serious about working on a farm in Margaret.


    Since the village is also quite touristy, one or the other job can be found in the hospitality industry. The same applies for that industry: Go to hotels and restaurants and tell that you are willing to work hard.


    Margaret River WA, Australia-33.9610465115.0767388

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