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Help Backpackers and Share your Experiences of Farm Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Let's stop the abuse of backpackers and build the biggest database of farms in Australia, New Zealand and the world

Free backpackers from handcuffs on farms!
Free backpackers from handcuffs on farms!

***This is super exciting news for everyone who is or was on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia or New Zealand!***

Unfortunately backpackers are often being ripped off, not paid or treated fairly when working on farms. Until now there was no easy way to share such experiences, so that other travellers are not making the same experience.

We are sick of backpackers being lied to, not getting paid, or living in inhumane conditions.

We call upon all backpackers to warn against such practices. However, unlike for hostels, there is no easy way to do so for farms. Usually such warnings are just nowhere to be found or lost in time (or algorithms) on social networks.

Let’s build a global database of farms

This is why we decided to build a global database of farms, but especially for Australia and New Zealand. Everyone is invited to help.

We are going to collect everyone’s experiences (bad ones and good ones). So next time you have a job offer on a farm, you will know whether to take it or not. But this not all!

Find the information on the Gloqon Backpackers App

We are exclusively publishing the information on the Gloqon Backpackers App. From now on you can just update your location (or choose any location) on Gloqon and you immediately find our list about farms in your area (and more travel tips). Don’t get ripped off anymore by selfish farmers!

With Gloqon you can also connect with other backpackers in the same city/area. You can even get in touch with people at your hostel (let them know if your hostel is missing). The platform is great to find travel mates, drinking buddies, ask for advice and share tips (or even broccoli if you want to). Check it out on gloqon.com – no download required.

Sharing is caring – we need your help!

We want to grow this database as large as possible and for that we need your help! Other backpackers should be able to find out if a farm is a good or bad employer.

worked on a farm? Share your experience and let’s fight modern slavery together.

If you help us grow the number of farms, the one and only Travel God will give you hundreds of karma points. But there is more in case you don’t believe in karma!

As a thank you, we will add your name in the article and link to your blog, Instagram account or whatever you provide (if you provide a name and link). If there is anything else we can do for you, just let us know.

Win travel vouchers from STA Travel

We have also 3 vouches worth of €30 each from STA Travel, which we are going to draw among the first 150 people, who are sharing their experience until the 1st of April (we are not affiliated with STA Travel, but would like to be). Check out our terms.

How can you help?

We want to make it as easy as possible to share your experiences with us – no excuses :)! Select your favorite option:

  1. Leave a comment below
  2. Write to us on our Facebook page (don’t forget to like us)
  3. The easiest way for us: Post your experience on Gloqon in the right location. Tag your post with the hashtag #travelgott so we can find your post. This way you can check out what is going on in your area.

Make sure to follow our profile on Gloqon, so you can get our local updates, no matter where you are in the world.

IMPORTANT: When you share your information, please provide the name of the location, name of farm and a short description of your experience.

Update: You can join and share your tips in the Facebook group “Backpacking Insider Tips” as well and we publish it here and on Gloqon. Tips can be about any other job as well, or anything related to backpacking, e.g. where to sleep for free in a van.

So what are you waiting for?

Please, please, please share this article with other backpackers or tag a person who has a farm experience to share and help other backpackers! Together we can 🙂


  1. AAA Packers in Yatala in Brisbane. It’s not a farm, but they tell you how much money you make and in the end it’s just a fraction. Be aware! thanks for publishing!


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