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Darwin – Backpacking Jobs & Fruit Picking

Darwin is a popular spot among backpackers - that doesn't make it easy to find backpacking jobs there.

Especially during the dry season (May-September), it is very popular among backpackers, as it is relatively cold in southern Australia and there are still tropical temperatures here.

The mango harvest season starts in September, where many backpackers earn money their money. However, at this time a lot of backpackers are in the area, which does not necessarily make the job search any easier.

Many of the backpackers also work a bike taxi: taxi drivers on bicycles. The passengers are brought by muscle power in a bike tuk-tuk from A to B. It is hard to believe, but it can be quite easy to earn a decent amount of money. For the taxi bike, you pay a certain amount of rent per day. You can keep whatever you earn.

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