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Darwin – What to Do and Know as a Backpacker?

Darwin is a very popular backpacker destination in Australia. We tell you everything you need to know.

After staying for a couple of weeks in Darwin, I will share all my backpacker knowledge about the capital of the Northern Territory. Check out a couple of pictures of Darwin and read on.

Mindil Beach

Mindil Beach is where the city and especially the backpackers meet. The beach is nice, it feels like a huge park, on Thursday and Sunday there is a market, where you can even try crocodile meet, the sunset is amazing, nice toilets with showers are there. I probably forgot something. t’s my favorite spot in Darwin, I will link it in the map and street view image.

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Convention Center

There is an artificial beach at the Convention Center of Darwin. The park is called “Darwin Waterfront”. The harbor separates the basin from the ocean. Here you can jump in the water safely – no worries about crocodiles. In the north of Darwin there are also some nice beaches that are accessible by car.

In September, the Darwin Boatshow will take place at the Convention Center. Especially boats can be admired here and outdoor activities/equipment. Anyone who likes to fish is just right here, because in Darwin pretty much everyone is fishing. There is an admission fee to pay. But you can try this: just walk confidently through the main entrance – we tried and it worked. 🙂


There are many backpacker hostels in Darwin. These are usually all in the center. Especially during the high season, we recommend booking the beds in advance to avoid any negative surprises.


If you want to go to the cinema, you can try to do so without paying the ticket. Just go to the beginning of the movie and you will see that many times they don’t control who is entering – especially at the last movie of the evening.

Party and Nightlife

During the high season, Darwin can have a really good nightlife. Pubs, however, are only located on part of Mitchell Street. Here is one bar next to the other. In Shenninigans no entry fee is required. Otherwise you have to be ready to leave a few dollars at the entrance.

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Attention should be paid to clothing: people who are dressed too casual (sneakers, shorts, T-shirt) will not be let in. A simple shirt can make all the difference here. Shenninigans is the exception. Strangely, this dress code is not applied the same way every evening – especially at weekends you should dress ok-ish.


Free internet is available in Darwin’s public library at the Parliament House – right next to the parking lot where you can easily park and sleep at the weekend. At the entrance, you will be scanned and screened like at the airport (after all, you are going to enter the parliament of the Northern Territory).

But you have free Wifi available in the library and you can use the computers for free. However, depending on the number of visitors, you have to reserve a computer first. You will get an exact time when you can use your computer.

Not only the internet is free here, but you can of course also browse books, magazines or newspapers. The library also offers air conditioning – a fact which can be quite important in these tropical latitudes.

Free internet is also available in the mall in the city center.

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