Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation

    The Daintree Rainforest is about 160km in the north of Cairns. This is where the rainforest and beautiful beaches begin. In Cairns you find a number of tours and things to do – easy to spend a few days there.


    If you are going by car, you have to take a ferry. A return ticket costs $26. This fee is basically the entrance fee to the national park. Cape Tribulation is perfect for just chilling at the beach or go hiking in the jungle.


    The Google Street View image is from Cape Tribulation and is really a place you shouldn’t miss out. Good vibration in cape tribulation!


    For a proper hike, you want to go up the Mount Sorrow. The peak is not too high, but be told that the hike is very very steep and you will be exhausted – the view up there is well worth it anyways. Don’t forget to take water!


    Be aware of crocodiles! Especially where the rivers meet the sea, they are often spotted.


    There are a few camping areas in the park. There you can camp for little money. If you prefer a hostel, there is also on in Cape Tribulation.


    It is forbidden to sleep in the car on the parking areas. However, if you wake up early enough, before the rangers start their control drive (between 6 and 8), you are safe. If you get caught, you can use the excuse that you arrived late at night and had nowhere to go and you are looking for camping area now.


    The Mossman Gorge is the must see spot of the Daintree Nationalpark. It is a river, which sneaks across the rainforest. If you are keen, you can also jump in the water there, without having to worry for crocodiles – the water is just too cold for them. But is it too cold for you?



    Cape Tribulation QLD, Australia-16.0877894145.4547764

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