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Coomera North Rest Area – Free Camping South of Brisbane [WITH MAP]

This is one of our most preferred places to camp for free in Brisbane. Check it out - you get everything you need.

The rest area “Coomera North” is located about 60 km south of Brisbane towards the Gold Coast. This stop is just ideal for those who are looking for a hot shower: In the disabled toilet you can shave and take hot showers.

There is a McDonalds or you cook your own food at the Pic-Nic benches. In the Trucker Lounge there is a TV. Usually there is noone in there and can be accessed by everyone. We used this place to watch European football matches at 5 am. There are plugs as well, so you can charge phones and laptops as well.

Noone really cares if you are in the trucker lounge, it’s all quite anonymous there. Although many signs warn against parking the car for more than 2 hours, it is easy to sleep here. We have spent many days here, literally camping, and never had an issue.

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The McDonalds’ free wifi is available to anyone, even those who don’t consume anything.

In summary: Free camping with all the luxury that a backpacker can only dream of.

Click on the link in the 360° image to open the place in Google Maps.

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