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  1. Hi. I found your website while pondering upon one question, and I do really hope that you can help me!

    So I have my WHM 462 Visa now, and I am currently 30 YO, (Indonesian, born in early 1992). Say I go the AU now, on Sept 2022, and I managed to work the 88days required work-stuff for my 2nd WHM. But in Aug 2023, the time when I would apply the visa, I would be at 31 YO, which according to the immi website, the maximum age of the applicant is 30 YO, even for the 2nd WHM visa.

    Hence my question is that is it possible for me (and my current situation), assuming I worked the right job for 88 days required specified work, to apply the 2nd WHM 462 visa even if I am 31 YO at the time applying the mentioned visa.

    I really appreciate any help/info that you can give me. Thank you very much before hand and cheers!


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