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Cockatoos @ Great Ocean Road

Wanna play around with wild cockatoos at the Great Ocean Road in Australia? Lorne is the place for it. Check this out!

Hey guys! What we experienced seems to be a common and spectacular thing at Lorne by the Great Ocean Road. If you go there you really need to check this out!

There, at the small park, behind the village center, right on the main road to the sea side, it is best to leave the car next to the road on the marked parking – right in front of the Anzac Memorial Park.

Check out these pictures – this is crazy!

Maybe you’ll notice the attraction now. If not: Just unpack something to eat (preferably bread) and start eating yourself (or not). Maybe throw some pieces on the floor. It will not be long before the first wild-living cockatoos approach!

At first we had a little respect for the big beak, but who dares to feed them, will soon realize that they peck the food quite gently from your hand.

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But be careful! Such a beak can easily leave a scar! Some of these white birds of prey are shy, some a little less. Some try to snatch the food out of the air. If you try you can also make some cockatoos on your arm or head – have a look at the pictures.

But you should wear a long-sleeved shirt or cap. You can feel the claws. But as I said: You will recognize that the animals only want the food and do no harm. Even if some birds start pecking you from behind in your foot to get your attention.

More tips about the Great Ocean Road.

Again, these are completely wild animals!

Here is a Street View image of the place – just click on the link in the image to open it on Google Maps.

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