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Free Camping Sydney – Clovelly Beach [WITH MAP]

We share our best free camping spots in and around Sydney. Read everything we know about it here. Perfect for backpackers.

You can park free of charge in Clovelly Road directly at Clovelly Beach. The beach is not so famous and therefore not as crowded as other beaches – especially during the week days. You have showers there, but only with cold water, but they are still ok. There are of course toilets and a beach bar is not missing either.

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It’s a nice place to ride big waves due to the special bay this beach forms, have a look at the pictures! And you can find places in the shade until around 2pm.

The beach is right by a hidden and off-the-path residential area and you should be fine to spend the night there. Just don’t bother the residents there (as usual).

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