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Christmas Special: Send us the Bill of your Flight to Australia!

There is really something for everyone who is going to travel to Down Under

Merry Christmas from Travelgott
Merry Christmas from Travelgott

Hello Travellers and Backpackers!

Christmas is on the doorstep – even if it is hardly noticeable in the southern hemisphere. Many will surely start their Australia adventure right after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. By the way: A good time, because on New Year’s Eve, hostels in Australia and especially in Sydney are incredibly expensive. And flights are also cheaper again in January.

Over the past few months, we have worked hard to collect the most important information about Work and Wravel in Australia on our website – and we are far from finished! Also our Facebook page is now slowly online (more or less).

This is really for every SINGLE participant

Our team consists of people who already have their work and travel in Australia behind them (unfortunately). A few of our authors are having in this very moment the time of their life in Down Under (hopefully). Together we have literally seen every national park in Australia and experienced every possible situation of a backpacker.

On our trip we have made detailed notes about backpacking in Australia. We will now publish these on travelgott.com. Unfortunately, some of us decided to go for a travel agency when they first went to Australia and spent way too much money on the trip.

Who reads our articles, quickly realizes that we are a bit on a war with the travel agencies. There is really no reason to organize the Working Holiday via an agency. But sure, we also felt unsafe at the beginning as well.

That is why we really want to offer something to everyone who likes our Facebook page. Every follower can contact us at any time for the entire year 2017 and we will help them – whether it be for flight search, job search, superannuation, buying a car etc – it can be anything. You can simply send us a message on Facebook or post on our timeline – someone from our team will respond as soon as possible!

What’s in for the winner?

In order for our social media team to get going, we want to crack the 100 Likes before the end of the year. For this we have started a small raffle. We wanted to have it sponsored, but we have (apparently) too few Likes – although we are often clicked on Google. That is why our core team chipped in and finances it out of their own pockets.

  • If you fly to Australia over Asia with our travel hack, you will get 50% of the Asian flight back.
  • If you choose a different way (return or one-way) to fly to Australia, you will get back 30% of the ticket price.

How can I participate?

Participating is easy. There are 3 possibilities:

  1. Like our Post on our Facebook page
  2. Like our Facebook page
  3. Comment, when you are planning to fly to Australia (or when you have planned to)

This is our Facebook page. And this is the post:

So you can get up to 3 winning tickets. The contest runs until January 8, 2017. The winner is determined by chance and shortly afterwards announced on our Facebook page.

You can find all our posts on travelgott.com and everything about flying to Australia here.

We would be very glad if you join us and follow us on Facebook. In addition to our Working Holiday guide, you can expect many more exciting things to come soon! If you want to blog here, we are looking forward to hearing from you. All the details about becoming an author is available here.

Good luck! 🙂

Not-so-much fine print

  • You have to start the journey in 2017, you can end it whenever you want – we only need a scan of the ticket and the invoice
  • Participation is possible, regardless of whether the flight ticket has already been booked or has yet to be booked
  • The prize will only be paid out if our Facebook page has at least 100 Likes (so share the page with your friends :))
  • The price limit is € 400, it is not transferable and is paid by PayPal
  • Optional: We would be happy if the winner also became a travelgott and would like to blog here

Our terms apply.

Just click on Like below, and you are in. Safe travels!

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