Cheap Fuel on Australia West Coast

    Around Exmouth and Denham

    It may happen that roadhouses offer cheaper fuel than one would find in tourist locations, such as Denham or Exmouth finds, as these places are relatively remote. So you should keep your eyes open and drive to these cheap gas stations. Especially if they are gas stations of large oil companies, this is the case, e.g. Caltex, BP or Shell. Avoid refueling in Exmouth or Denham – it’s more expensive there.



    From Geralton towards Perth on the fuel reaches normal prices again. Even proper vegetation begins here, you finally get to see trees again and not just red sand, where only a few bushes survive.



    There is not really much to see in Carnavon. And that, even though Australians always find a reason to stay in a any town. But fuel is relatively cheap here and right on the main road there is a Woolworths where you can stock up on your groceries.


    Exmouth WA, Australia-21.9313388114.1236812

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