Byron Bay: The Best Free Camping Spots

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Are you travelling by car in Australia and you are looking for free camping spots where you can also sleep in your car in Byron Bay? We are publishing camping spots in Australia, where you can spend your nights for free. With the help of bloggers and travellers around the world we are collecting the best backpacking tips.

Byron Bay is a particularily difficult spot to find spots, where you can easily sleep in your car without facing a fine for illegal camping. But don’t you worry, we are here to help!

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Camping over night in Byron Bay

We explicitely do not suggest to free camp in your car or van in Byron Bay. You are very likely to meet the ranger and risk a fine. However, there is great rest areas only a short drive from Byron. Please, don’t drive there after a wild night out in Byron with too much goon. In that case you are better off to spend the night on the beach.

The rest areas around Byron have only basic facilities. Don’t expect more than a toilet. But if you go to Byron during the day you find nice showers right at the beach, BBQs and anything else you would expect.

Hilltop Lookout

This spot is a day use area, but we haven’t met any ranger here. If you do so, just say that you are having a break, since you are travelling further North. At this spot you get an awesome view over Byron Bay and the country side. The down side is, that you it is located about 16km outside of Byron.

The Hilltop Lookout is located at Coorabell Creek (find the exact location with street view image in the link).

Yelgun Rest Area

The Yelgun Rest Area is about 25km North of Byron Bay. You can easily sleep here without having to worry about the ranger. You are also close to the “South Golden Beach”.

Sunnycrest Lane Rest Area

The Sunnycrest Lane Rest Area is the closest to Byron Bay. It’s only 12km from Byron on the B62 right on the Sunnycrest Lane. There is a sign saying no overnight camping, but we never had a problem with rangers and we spent there many nights.

This rest area is a great spot to hide from rangers, because it is not located at the main Pacific Highway, but at the smaller freeway B62.

Tyagarah Rest Area

The Tyagarah Rest Area is 15 minutes North from Byron Bay at the Pacific Highway. There is a sign saying “No Camping”, however, since we are at the busy Pacific Highway, you can always use the excuse you have been too tired to keep on driving and just wanted to rest for a couple of hours – maybe it helps.

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