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Byron Bay – The Backpackers Dream?

Is Byron Bay still the best place for backpackers? There is definitely lots of party during night and surfing during day going on.

Byron Bay is one of the backpacker’s most favorite spot on the east coast of Australia. It used to be quite an alternative place, however, we didn’t notice much of that anymore.

Anyways, it is still a place where you can have a wild party and enjoy the beach during the day. In fact, the place is known as a party town among travelers. During the day, you can chill on a beautiful white beach, right by the city – with BBQs and showers and toilets – everything you need. Surfers enjoy the perfect waves.

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There is a Conservation Area, a bit like a National Park, right by the town. At the end of the town there is the Cape Byron Lighthouse. And right behind that, there is the most easterly point of the mainland of Australia. You can hike all the way to that point in just a few minutes, it’s very easy. We recommend that!

Byron Bay - Light Tower
Byron Bay – Light Tower

Otherwise, the number one thing you can do is party the night away. There are tons of other backpackers and some crazy backpackers stories are experienced here. For example, at the wet T-shirt contest at Cheeky Monkeys every Thursday.

Have fun!

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